Mammootty, Parvathy, Jude Anthany Joseph
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South Indian actress Parvathy, who recently made her debut in Bollywood, has been a victim of cyberbullying ever since she criticised the makers of Mammootty's Kasaba over misogynous dialogues in the film during the recently concluded International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) in Thiruvananthapuram.

The controversy took an ugly turn following the Facebook post of director Jude Anthany Joseph in which he mentioned the story of a monkey who joined circus clearly mocking Parvathy.

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"A monkey managed to get into the circus and obeyed the master. It ran, jumped, did whatever it was told to do. Finally, the monkey became famous and suddenly it started speaking against circus and all the masters. Complaining that the masters exploited it. This monkey could have abandoned the circus initially and gone back to the jungle. But then, who will know the monkey then?" [translated from Malayalam]," reads the FB post of Jude that sparked outrage on social media.

After the post went viral, Parvathy responded to the controversy with a befitting reply to all "circus masters". She stood up against the bullies by tweeting: "To all the circus muthalimaar!!! #feminichispeaking OMKV" that stands for "Odada mayire/malare/makane kandam vazhi" which means "get lost".

That was not all, Jude reacted to Parvathy's response by posting a photo of a girl running through a paddy field.

Meanwhile, many celebrities have come forward expressing their opinion on the latest controversy on social media. While a section of audience support Parvathy, Mammootty and Jude Anthony Joseph, many others abuse them over their stand on the matter. 

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Check out how celebs reacted to the matter here:

Meanwhile, popular blogger Lakshmi Menon, wife of actor-TV host Midhun Ramesh, has released a new video on how to look like an intelligent person. Since the video was released in the wake of the controversies surrounding Parvathy, netizens have been asking if the vlogger is trying to take a dig at the actress. Coincidentally, Lakshmi is also heard suggesting on abusing Mammootty or Mohanlal just to look intellectual.

Watch the video here:

A social media campaign with the hashtag #StandUpStars has also gained momentum with netizens demanding actors to speak up to their fans against attacking people on social media.

But when is Mammootty going to react?

Earlier, when Angamaly Diaries actress Anna Rajan was heavily trolled by the fans of the megastar for her statement on Mammootty and Dulquer Salmaan, she had apologised and cried through a live Facebook video. A day later, the actress received a call from the versatile actor, who apparently consoled her over the issue.

But it has been a week since Parvathy has been facing the heat from the netizens over her statement against Mammootty's thriller Kasaba that had many misogynous dialogues. Still, the megastar hasn't reacted on the matter yet and many netizens have requested the actor to react on the matter to put an end to this controversy.

It's high time the superstars speak up against the insensible behaviour of their fans rather than enjoying the fan fights that are taking an ugly turn hurting many people.