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A three-year-old girl from New York is suffering from Moebius syndrome, a neurological disorder that prevents the little girl from smiling.

Addison Garvey needs to undergo a surgery to cure the rare syndrome. But the procedure costs a whopping $125,000. Therefore, her parents are trying to raise the money for the life-changing surgery through crowdfunding.

Moebius syndrome is a rare neurological disorder caused by facial paralysis of multiple cranial nerves. Hence the disease is preventing the toddler from smiling.

"We have never seen Addison smile, which has been so painful because she's such a happy girl, she has such a good attitude despite everything she's been through," her father James told news service SWNS.

"It's so important for her social skills to be able to smile and move her face and to be able to do things we take for granted, like the ability to open and close her mouth," her father added.

Despite the procedure being bit pricey, her parents are making every kind of effort to see Addison smile for the first time in her life. The surgical procedure will also help the toddler with her speech, and improve her ability to eat. Currently, she is relying on a ventilator and feeding tube for all these functions.

Her mother Jennifer told SWNS, "Addison's so bright, she's just 3 but she knows hundreds of signs and that's how she communicates."

She also explained, "Intellectually she's above average, and it's difficult to watch how frustrated she gets because I know she just has so much to say," she explained.

Addison also has a little brother named Jackson, who is now 19-month-old. As their mom explained, both the siblings communicate through sign language.

"It's amazing to see how much she and her brother love each other. They communicate in sign language which is amazing to watch."

The couple is trying to raise money for the surgery as soon as possible through a GoFundMe campaign.