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Mohana Krishna Indraganti has opened up on the making of action sequences in Nani-Sudheer Babu's V. The director said that he did not want to over-style action, but he wanted to make it look real.

Nani's 25th movie V was finally released on Amazon Prime Video on September 5, after a lot of excitement and anticipation. The film has struck a chord with the audiences, who are enthralled by its action sequences and Nani and Sudheer Babu's stunning performances. Mohana Krishna Indraganti spoke about what makes the action so appealing in it a day after the flick hit the internet.

Mohana Krishna said, "I did not want some highly over styled action because some do tend to over style it. What I did not want is over-style it but what I also wanted is to make it look real, like a cop is fighting, it should actually look like he's fighting it. So the admiration of the cop should come because of the skill he is playing not because the audiences want to clap by creating those moments of slow motion."

The director added, "So you do see one or two moments where you see the nature of the actor, character but other than that, most of the action is fast-paced because I wanted it to be real if a serial killer is killing how he would do it and a police officer is doing it, as he would with a little bit of stylisation-here and there."

Nani's crime thriller V trailer crosses 20  million views
Nani's crime thriller V trailer crosses 20 million viewsTwitter

Mohana Krishna Indraganti also revealed what he had advised the action choreographer and the kind of camera used for the shooting of V movie. The director illustrated, "One of the things I told the stunt man is do not go on using the phantom shots, we've got a camera with an extremely high frame rate, I said I don't want any of those."

He added, "I want a specific moment but most of it should be so fast and so real and added to it I wanted sound behind because there are some really very well done shootouts in terms of stunt coordination. I wanted the audiences to have an immersive experience and make them feel that they're in the middle of it. I was very clear on that so most of the stunt sequences will clear on that except for some one or two."

V delves into the life of a cop who falls in love with a crime writer. When everything is going great, his life turns upside down when a killer puts across a challenge to him with a puzzle to solve. The film features natural star Nani and Sudheer Babu in the lead, while Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari are seen in pivotal roles.

The much-awaited Telugu action thriller marks Superstar Nani's 25th film in the industry as well as his first as a villain. Prime members in India and in 200 countries and territories can already stream the first star-studded Telugu film V on the streaming service as it is available now.