Black Pink made their debut on Tuesday Aug 8
Black Pink made their debut on Tuesday, Aug. 8Facebook/BlackPink

YG Entertainment finally revealed its new girl group, Black Pink, to the world and while fans wait with bated breath for the group's debut, here's a thought: what happened to the other YG trainees who were supposed to be part of the K-pop band?

Earlier, several news outlets and fans alike predicted that the entertainment company would invest in a seven or five member band. In fact, many blogs mentioned that other YG trainees such as Jinny Park, Jang Hanna and Moon Sua would be part of Black Pink. However, a recent set of images by the company have deconstructed the several myths surrounding Yang Hyun Suk's new project.

As of now, the members of Black Pink are Kim Jisoo, Lisa Manoban, Rose and Jenny Kim. These four talented women will be part of a band that has a girl crush feel to it, one that's slightly different from YG Entertainment's other girl band, 2NE1.

While speaking to local outlet OSEN, a representative from YG Entertainment said that the new girl group was initially supposed to have nine members. However, the company's CEO Yang changed his mind and settled for four members two years ago.

"It's not possible to know Yang Hyun Suk's thoughts precisely, but the remaining five trainees are still with YG and the company atmosphere is that Black Pink is the advance party (group sent ahead)," Soompi quoted him as saying.

Interestingly, Yang said Black Pink would have five members just two days ago. But the fifth member seems to be absent from all the pictures.

However, fans seem to be thrilled about the new girl group. The subject was widely discussed on social media and was trending worldwide on Twitter in the early hours of Wednesday, June 30.

What do you think about the members of Black Pink? Do you think YG Entertainment will invest in another girl group like they did with WiNNER and iKON? Let us know in the comments section.