Black Pink
Black PinkFacebook/YG-Family

YG Entertainment fans can rejoice. After months of deliberation, the company has revealed that its new girl group, Black Pink will make its debut on Thursday, August 8 and will also perform as a group on a television show a few days later.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the band's debut and the latest news suggests that members of Black Pink will mark their first stage performance on SBS' music programme, "Inkigayo" on Sunday, August 14. Star News reported that YG Entertainment's representatives have been in talks with the network and they've finally settled on a date.

Members of Black Pink, Lisa Manoban, Jennie Kim, Rosé and Kim Jisoo will be welcomed by hosts Gong Seung-yeon, Yoo Jeong-yeon and Kim Min-seok. While details of their performance are still awaited, fans are not worried about the nitty-gritties of what it will entail. Instead, many are looking forward to watching them perform again after Black Pink's dance practice video was released earlier.

The video clip, which has received over five million views since its release a few weeks ago, shows band member Lisa's powerful presence on stage. She has already become a fan-favourite among many who are impressed with her dancing prowess.

Although Black Pink hasn't debuted yet, fans who are already loyal to the band have been involved in several feuds on social media. Earlier, many supporters of YG Entertainment's new girl group claimed that Black Pink would be better than Red Velvet, SM Entertainment's girl band. However, only time will tell if the band's music and its young members can distinguish themselves from the rest of the K-pop girl bands.

You can watch Black Pink's performance on "Inkingayo" on their YouTube Channel.