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Kangana Ranaut is one such actress who remains in news more for her controversial statements than her moves. While she generally comes up with one movie a year, the outspoken diva keeps making headlines with her bold comments.

Her blunt nature has given her many fans, but at the same time scores of haters too. After her infamous fight with Hrithik Roshan, Kangana made many controversies with her statements.

While most actresses choose to dodge tough or trouble-calling questions from media, Kangana is hardly seen trying to get an easy escape route. Whether right or wrong, the Queen actress is known for making her opinion heard loud and clear.

So much so that she did not even think twice before speaking against almost the entire Bollywood industry. After taking Karan Johar head-on on the debate around nepotism, Kangana continued attacking him and his close allies.

Despite knowing Karan is one of the biggest film-makers and has a huge hold in the industry, the 32-year-old actress did not bite her lips before accusing him of being "flag-bearer of nepotism".

Even till date, she hardly misses an opportunity to attack KJo. If that was not enough, Kangana has been targeting the industry's top stars too lately. She levelled Alia Bhatt as Karan's "puppet", and slammed Ranbir Kapoor for allegedly not talking about national issues. She has even had criticised almost entire Bollywood industry on various subjects.

So what exactly gives Kangana the courage to go against such big celebs and almost the entire industry?

Firstly, Kangana is extremely confident about her capability. She is one of those rare Bollywood actresses who have given major box office hits single-handedly. After the success of Queen, Kangana has delivered multiple other blockbusters without the presence of any big male star.

Secondly, despite attacking the industry stalwarts on regular basis, Kangana keeps getting highly promising roles. After the success of Manikarnika, the actress has already bagged three highly aspiring films – Mental Hai Kya, Panga and Jayalalithaa biopic.

Kangana Ranaut

While she has already proven her acting skills multiple times, Kangana has also proven her worth as a director for Manikarnika. One would not be surprised if Kangana soon launches her own production house too.

With so much happening in favour of Kangana, the actress certainly knows what it takes to keep shining in Bollywood despite going against the industry. At least, as of now.