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A video showing employees of a property company getting slapped and made to crawl around on all fours like dogs have gone viral.

According to reports, the video was shot during an appraisal meeting in a company in China's central Hubei province. The employees were abused because they had a poor work record.

The video which was shared on social media left people in shock and disbelief. Several internet users criticized the company after a woman was seen repeatedly slapping six men hard on the face in the clip.

Also, another clip showed, a dozen of workers crawling in a circle while a man, who appears to be in charge of the activity, stood in the middle.

IBTimes India couldn't verify the video. 

However, employees seemed tight-lipped about the incident and rather six men working for the firm said that the video was "misunderstood" and they actually enjoyed working there, according to South China Morning Post.

The head of the company, whose name was not revealed, told the website Thepaper.cn, according to SCMP, that the employees chose their punishment and the female employee who was seen slapping her colleagues in the video was just carrying out what the employees had requested.

"The fact is that six male employees did not fulfill their duties as required by the company, not calling customers and so on, because the firm is too relaxed and their performance is poor," he said, as reported.

However, the woman who was made to slap left her job Wednesday, according to the report.

Three Gorges Evening News also reported that other staff are afraid to speak out. The boss also told the website that the firm is trying to figure out who leaked the video and said that they will learn from the incident.

Check the video here: