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China Southern Power Grid's Guangzhou headquarters is making headlines after a clip showing a boss having sex with a junior colleague in a boardroom turned out to be fake news. Two employees, who allegedly shared the footage online, have been arrested for spreading 'false rumors' and face defamation charges.

The video was reportedly posted with information that the man having sex was a senior manager at the headquarters and the woman was a female staff member working under him.

The post also claimed that the manager had left his video camera on after he finished a conference call with five other stations across China.

The two accused have been identified as a man with last name Tang and a woman with last name Wang, both aged 30. They have also smutted to spreading the rumors online, according to The Sun.

Currently, police are investigating the origin of the footage after Tang failed to reveal the source. He just claimed that he "heard rumors" of a sex scandal at their Guangzhou office, reported the website

On the other hand, Wang admitted to dramatizing the rumors and that she had shared it on to major web forums as well.

Police are still not sure who the couple in the video actually is. The video has been removed from Chinese social media sites.