woman dries knickers on airplane
The woman is seen drying out knickers under the air-vent of a packed flight.YouTube screenshot

Long flights can get tedious and tiring enough, to the point where sleeping through it or even indulging in a book or a movie is not enough relief. But looks like this plane passenger had the perfect solution to kill her on-flight boredom with something productive – like drying her knickers using the overhead air vent.

The passenger was caught in the act and filmed drying out her pair of knickers by holding the undergarment close to the air vent in the middle of a packed jet. She waved the black and white panties high above the heads of her fellow passengers and went on a full 20 minutes doing so.

The incident happened on a Ural Airlines flight from Antalya in southern Turkey, en-route to Moscow, where she was filmed.

Shocked eyewitnesses shared that the woman didn't show the slightest bit of embarrassment as she casually indulged in the act. In the video captured by a fellow traveler on their smartphone, she can be seen holding the undergarment above her own head and nonchalantly moving them about to dry them.

While most of the other passengers were too shocked to have commented or protested to the woman's unusual tactics, some of them even speculated that maybe she was a mother – trying to dry out a pair of children's underpants.

However, one particular eyewitness said: "Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent."

The video which has now gone viral all over video sharing platforms did manage to spark off a lively debate as viewers made some interesting observances about the woman's bizarre laundry technique.

One person remarked: "Those aren't ones of an adult. Looks like they belong to a kid."

Yet another one commented: "This woman has the intellect of a dog... This is so sad... Half the country are like her."

Whether it was her own knickers or belonged to her child who might have had a little accident on board, is still unknown. Most people seemed to find it unacceptable to do anything of this sort inside a packed plane – but accidents happen.

And this surely is one way to kill time!