Demonic child screams
A toddler yells and screams throughout an 8-long hour journeyYouTube screengrab

Do you get easily disturbed by sounds of people snoring and toddlers crying while you are on board a plane? If yes, the video of this "demonic" child screaming continuously for hours on a plane will drive you nuts.

Passengers on board a Lufthansa flight from Germany to the United States in August 2017 were highly traumatized by a restless child perching on the top of the seat, running down the aisles and yelling at the top of his voice for eight long hours, nonstop!

One of the passengers from New York named Shane Townley, who was also traveling with the kid, captured the eight-long long ordeal and uploaded the video on YouTube with the caption "Demonic child screams and runs through an 8-hour flight from Germany to Newark." Townley even labeled each hour as 'Demonic sounds continue Hour 1', Hour 2 and so on.

The video was first reported by Daily Mail and a source told that the child suffers from a disability which has not been specified and this has affected his behavior.

The mother of the child who has not been identified but appeared like an American asked one of the flight attendants to keep the Wi-Fi going to connect his iPad, suggesting that it will calm the child down.

The boy at one point in time, got extremely wild and clambered up the seat and started hitting the ceiling of the plane."Calm down Honey," the mother called out to his son trying her best to soothe him down in vain. 

The child's scream was terribly disturbing and distressed passengers were seen covering their ears to avoid the noise, in the video.

And when the flight finally landed, passengers were seen heaving a sigh of relief. "That was a nightmare — eight hours of screaming," a person said.

The 5-min video that sums up the 8-hour ordeal has caught the attention of the netizens.  

Check the video here:

Some have supported the mother, sympathizing with the child's condition whereas many have lashed out at her for being highly irresponsible on social media.

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