Unknown Woman
Son Yeo Ri to seek Koo Do Chi's help in Unknown Woman episode 6.Youtube/Screenshot

Unknown Woman, the Korean drama starring Oh Ji Eun and Bae Jong Ok in lead roles, will be back on KBS with episode 6 this Monday, May 1, at 7.50pm KST.

The television series will focus on Son Yeo Ri and the various challenges faced by her because of the female antagonist Hong Ji Won in the upcoming episode. The sequel might also feature the efforts of Park Yoon Jae's character Koo Do Chi to help the title character.

Unknown Woman, which is also known as nameless woman, received several positive reviews from Korean drama lovers after its premiere last week. "This is an amazing drama I was a little doubtful about it in the beginning but it was totally worth it!!! May be a cliché storyline but the actors make it so worth watching," stated a viewer named Sophia.

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In the last five episodes, the Korean series did not just introduce the lead characters to the viewers, but also took them to a roller-coaster of events. It revealed that Choi Yoon So's character Koo Hae Joo is no less an evil character.

The daughter of Wid group chairman Koo Do Young uses her money and power to marry Seo Ji Suk's character Kim Moo Yeol. The upcoming episode of Unknown Woman will feature the betrayal of Son Yeo Ri's lover and how she gets locked up by Hong Ji Won.

Unknown Woman
Oh Ji Eun as Son Yeo Ri (top) and Choi Yoon So as Koo Hae Joo (down) in KBS drama Unknown Woman.SBS

The only person who can help the female protagonist is Koo Do Chi and the trailer shows her seeking his help. But it remains to be seen if he will find a way out to move against his own family members in episode 6.

Watch Unknown Woman episode 6 online here. The upcoming sequel of the Korean series will also be available online here. Check out the trailer below: