Pakistani news anchors' argument has gone viral
Pakistani news anchors' argument has gone viralScreengrab

It is okay if you aren't fond of your colleague, but it is not okay to fight with him/her at your workplace. But what if you cannot avoid the fight and end up breaking out into a verbal spat and it goes viral? Yes, one such incident recently happened in Pakistan.

In a barely 30-second long video, two Pakistani news anchors are seen scuffling with each other while the male anchor is seen complaining about the female anchor. The video turns out to be utmost hilarious because it has been recorded while the cameras were still rolling. It went viral in no time.

In the short clip, the male anchor asks a production member, "Kaise bulletin karunga mai iske saath?" (How will I do the bulletin with her?) while pointing out the female member.

Then the production member asks, "Kya hua?" (What happened?) and, he continues, "Wo kahe rahi hain mere sath baat ni na karo" (she is asking me not to talk to her).

"Maine laheje ki baat ki hai," (I'm talking about the way you're talking) replies the female anchor. Then she also asks him to talk to her politely. You can watch the hilarious video here.

The reason behind such "heated argument" has remained unknown.

The anchors are reportedly from a news portal named, a Pakistan based infotainment website. Apparently, the video was first posted on YouTube on February 24. Later a journalist from Pakistan took to the Twitter to share it.

The verbal spat has created quite a buzz on various social media platforms as some are supporting the female anchor while some already have started talking about sexism.