(Picture for representation) A mysterious grey figure was seen at an accident site.Pixabay

A viral video has surfaced on the internet where a mysterious figure is seen observing an accident scene in Cipolleti, Argentina, and the internet is going bonkers about it. The entity is seen standing at a distance and looking on as other people inspect the scene.

The video was shot by an eyewitness in Cipolletti, according to YouTube channel Sandboxten.

In the video, a figure is seen standing near an ambulance stationed few meters away from a car that had flipped over on its side in the accident. The entity appears to be tall and grey in color, as if wearing a mask. It seems to have a bald head and wearing shades.

While some internet users claimed it was a ghost, others were of opinion that it could be an alien that came to observe a human disaster, reported the Mirror.

However, putting all speculation to rest, reported that the mysterious figure was none other than the driver of the ambulance. He has also been identified as Pedro Moguillansky.

According to the website, the phone with which the video was shot was defective, which resulted in blurry footage. Also, because of the sunlight reflection, the driver's face appeared deformed and discolored.

This is not the first time a video like this has gone viral. A few days back a bright UFO was reportedly seen in a remote area in northern Norway. Eyewitnesses said they saw the UFO hovering in the sky until sunset.

"We thought it was a chopper coming towards us - a very bright light which came over the mountain and headed toward us - then it turned and went past us," witnesses had claimed.

Another UFO was reportedly spotted in October 2017. According to reports, the flying saucer was big and white in color and was flying amid heavy air traffic, but always remained beyond the clear vision of air traffic controllers in Oregon in the United States. 

Check out the video ambulance driver's video here: