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A bright UFO was reportedly spotted twice at a remote area in northern Norway on Thursday, February 22. The mysterious light was spotted by observers in Bardufoss and around 80 miles (129 kilometres) away in the city of Tromsø.

The UFO was reportedly seen hovering in the sky until sunset. According to Daily Mail, it neatly exploded into two parts before disappearing into dust.

An onlooker named Tarquin Millington-Drake spotted the unknown object from a remote hideaway in Bardufoss - Wolf Lodge. "We thought it was a chopper coming towards us - a very bright light which came over the mountain and headed toward us - then it turned and went past us," Millington told Daily Mail.

"Then it seemed to explode but the explosion was very uniform and symmetrical like two butterfly explosions either side of the light. It then seemed to turn and go away but no longer as one bright light - just bright dust that faded," he added.

The spectacular UFO was spotted by Millington and others when they had assembled around a fire to treat their eyes with Northern lights in Norway.

Stunning images of the UFO were captured from the lodge while it hovered in the skies over Bardufoss. "We assumed it was some special event laid on but the luxury Wolf Lodge but when our hosts starting taking photos it became clear that was not the case. It veered away from coming directly from us and just went across the valley," Millington said. 

"By now we were all watching intently and then suddenly it seemed to explode with those butterfly-shaped wings. It slowed dramatically, now the bright light was more subdued and the light from the explosion joined to form an amoeba-like circle of light which then seemed to turn away from us and then slowly faded totally. It seems nobody in Bardufoss knows what it was," he added.

The only speculations made regarding this sighting is that the radiant object seen in the clear night sky could be a radar imaging satellite dubbed Paz, which was launched from Elon Musk's Falcon 9 on Thursday. Paz was launched on the behalf of the Spanish Defense Ministry.  

Watch the images of the sighting in this video:

YouTube/ The AIO Entertainment