Mount Everest
Mount Everest is shown at approximately 8,850-meter (29,035-foot) May 18, 2003 in Nepal.Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

UFO enthusiasts have spotted a mysterious object hovering above Mount Everest. They believe that the disc-shaped object on one of the remotest places on Earth can't be a drone or a helicopter because of the height of the mountain.

The Everest image, which shows the mysterious object, is a part 477 photos that have been put together by mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears to create a high definition mosaic composition. The high definition image shows the world's tallest mountain stretching from the base camp with hundreds of climbers on the trail, UFO Today reported.

The photo was created in 2012, but it surfaced online only recently and even gave rise to the theory that there is an Area 51 style secret base in the area above Everest.

"When David Breashears and his team took the pictures of Mount Everest and the surrounding mountains, they had no idea he would capture this UFO. When we zoom in on one of the mountains left to Mount Everest, we can see a UFO flying above the summit. The object resembles a flying disc of some sort and it's clearly there since we can see its silhouette," reads the description of the video uploaded on the UFO Today channel.

"Judging the height of Mount Everest it's safe to say this object is flying way above the height where helicopters or drones would operate. We don't have any additional information on the object, but it's interesting to see it flying above one of the highest mountains in the world. There are these rumors of deep underground bases in the Himalayans and of course there are the many sightings of the Yeti living in these remote mountain areas," the description reads.

While UFO watchers believe that the mysterious object is a UFO, YouTube users have said that the object is nothing but a bird or a helicopter. However, several commented that there is an alien base on top of Mount Everest. 

"they have an alien base on top Mount Everest I can show evidence of it," one user said. 

"It looks like a bird, in flight, to me. I see them exactly like this in other pictures while looking for possible ufos. Beautiful image," another user commented.

"It looked like a helicopter to me," a third user said. "It's called a bird. Look them up," a fourth user commented.