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The incident took place last year during the night time in California, the mysterious objects spotted emit orange light and the objects appear to stay still in the sky. [Representational image]YouTube / secureteam10

Three UFO sightings were observed in the US over a span of less than 8 hours on January 13. Many people reported that multiple mysterious crafts were spotted.

Ufologists are investigating these multiple UFO sightings which were also reported to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), an organisation which keeps records and investigates such sightings.

The first encounter of the incident took place at 12:45 pm in Pasadena, California when around five UFOs were spotted.

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A man told NUFORC that his cousin saw the UFOs when he went to throw the trash after their breakfast, Express.co.uk reported.

"I thought he was joking but his wife went outside to look first my wife followed and then my kids and I followed. I looked up and in the sky, I saw shiny dots in the sky. I observed the objects and then returned inside to get my iPhone to document what I saw," the witness was quoted as saying.

"We continued watching the objects for 15 minutes or so. Everyone else went back inside and I continued watching the UFOs," the witness added.

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The man then showed the mysterious objects in the sky to a father and son and asked if they were drones or not. But then he said, "no way" as he had observed planes in the air but these "UFOs" were flying comparatively higher.

The witness further revealed that these strange objects appeared to hover in the sky while remaining still. He also revealed that one of the UFOs was moving slowly while the others remained still. He observed the strange crafts for around an hour.

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"Seven observers witness a cluster of at least five tiny white objects that hovered almost motionless in a clear, cloudless sky, for approximately an hour. High-quality video footage of the event accompanied the written report," NUFORC stated.

NUFORC officials initially thought that the objects were seagulls flying in upwelling wind, but the spotted objects did not look like birds or even behave like them.

The second UFO sighting took place on January 13 at around 2:30 pm in Carlsbad, California. Around five circular or oval orbs were seen by the witness.

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This spectator was testing his new binoculars when he came across these baffling objects hovering in the sky.

"While I was scanning some edges of a few clouds and some contrails looking towards the west over the ocean around 2.30 pm, I noticed one very outstanding whitish looking object, between egg and football shaped but sometimes looking more round and other times having more of a top shape," he wrote to NUFORC.

The third sighting took place on the same day in Hollywood, Florida, where numerous orange lights were observed moving above the coastline at a slow pace, a law enforcement officer stated.

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"Numerous orange lights observed moving slowly above the ocean from north to south. All lights disappeared simultaneously," the officer stated.

A video was also sent to NUFORC to figure out what the objects really were. The organisation is trying to find out the velocity and direction of the wind to find out whether these illuminating objects were Chinese lanterns or not. The Chinese lanterns drift away in groups and are often considered to be UFOs.

The video footage of this instance was shown to Scott Brando by Express.co.uk. Brando runs Ufoofinterest.org, a website which debunks the UFO sightings that are fake.

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According to Brando, the mysterious objects were just a bunch of helium balloons which were caught in the wind and were slowly rising away.

"The second sighting in Carlsbad was likely to be the same helium balloons travelling south," Brando said. The objects seen in Florida were Chinese lanterns and unrelated, he added.