twin tornadoes oklahoma

A record total of 130 tornadoes hit the US over the past five days with many storm chasers risking their lives to go close to the tornados to film them and also study them.

One such person identified as Travis Meyer, managed to film two tornadoes forming at the same time north of Oklahoma City before they reached Logan County, which is a pretty rare occurrence and rarer for a person to have caught it on camera.

The two twisters swept the region on Monday uprooting trees and destroying structures in its wake in the southern plains of the US.

The video, the tornadoes are seen forming over the plains and since they hit the plains the most, there wasn't as much damage caused in areas with people living in. However, the power lines were hit.

Residents of Oklahoma have been warned that this is not the last of the tornadoes and there are more to come. Schools have been closed in anticipation of the bad weather.

The Storm Prediction Centre website said that there will be a severe thunderstorm over Oklahoma City, Kansas, Dallas, Illinois, Missouri and northern Arkansas.