Taboo episode 4
Taboo episode 4Youtube Screenshot

FX's new mini-series, Taboo, starring Tom Hardy, is set to air a new episode this Saturday on BBC1. Set in the18th century, Taboo revolves around James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy), a man who returns home after ten years of absence. On his sudden return, Delaney puts all his efforts to reclaim a mysterious legacy. He is also reunited with his half-sister, Zilpha (Oona Chaplin).

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The previous episode of Taboo showed that James Delaney came across a mysterious doctor Edgar Dumbarton (Michael Kelly). He is also said to be a flag maker and a spy who first welcomed James to his workspace in St. Bartholomew's Bone Infarction's ward, then walked him out at gunpoint later.

In the episode, Dr Dumbarton accused Delaney of being a cannibal as his spy found some flesh of the dead assassin in his mouth. Whether it might or not be the truth, but some moments gave us the hints of Delaney's hallucination while stripping off.

The preview of episode 4 teases that James (Tom Hardy) asks Zilpha (Oona Chaplin) if she feels him when he 'visits'. Startled, Zilpha denies the effects of his witchcraft.

Here the official synopsis of the episode 4 reads:

The Crown makes a devious move against James Delaney, while the Company has its own reasons for frustrating the plot. As London begins closing its doors to him, James sets out to protect his business by any means necessary. With empire and mayhem in mind, James adds depraved chemist Cholmondeley to his company with explosive consequences. Meanwhile, Lorna aims to prove she's anything but a weak link, while buried secrets become a matter of yet more intrigue and violence.

Taboo airs a new episode every Saturday on BBC1 at 9.15 pm and every Tuesday on FX at 10 pm ET. You can watch the episode live here.