Spider man homecoming
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Attention Marvel fans, the wait is over. The trailer for the much awaited Spider-Man is finally out. After the movie was showcased at the Comic-Con in Brazil, fans have been waiting for the epic trailer to drop for over a week. And it has not disappointed fans. 

Focusing on the early years of the superhero, Spider-Man Homecoming shows Peter Parker in his high school. Through his super power, he had been saving the city from small crimes. However, when Tony Stark approaches him to join the squad against Captain America in the civil war, he gets a new identity, which includes a new suit (as shown in the teaser released a few days ago).

Through the movie, the character of Spider-Man will be seen evolving from adolescence teenage using his power for fun to becoming a superhero and saving the city. The movie will also star Robert Downey Jr who will have a great influence in shaping the character. The witty relationship between the two was evident in Captain American: Civil War.

We might also see Parker's first teenage love. The villain, played by Michael Keaton looks as though he has just left the Birdman movie and visited the sets of Spider-Man. Maybe an upgraded and feistier version of Birdman? The trailer doesn't reveal many details about the villain. However, the teenage Spider-Man is going to have a tough time managing the big guy. And everybody he loves is going to be in danger.

It is evident that this is going to one fun-filled ride as the trailer shows Spider-Man doing everything Stark asks him not to do. "Listen, I know school sucks. I know you want to save the world. But, you are not ready yet. Stay close to the ground and stay out of trouble," Stark advices Parker as he is seen breaking into buildings, climbing up monuments to prove that he more than just a kid.

The wait till 7.7.17 is long, but we have started striking off the dates on the calendar already.

Not seen the trailer yet? You can watch it below and join us in the countdown: