british airways, ba computer system crashes
A British Airways aircraft taxis in the early morning at Heathrow airport in west London, Britain October 25, 2016.Reuters file

Passengers travelling on a British Airways flight from London to Spain were forced to evacuate the aircraft after smoke filled the cabin. The incident happened on Monday, August 6.

Due to a technical glitch on the flight, a thick white smoke started filling up the cabin, causing panic among passengers. Since the plane was minutes away from reaching the destination, it was forced to make an emergency landing.

According to passengers on board, the flight flew for 10 minutes with the smoke before it landed. A passenger alleged that the Oxygen masks did not deploy for the entire duration. In addition to this, the passengers also did not receive any information from the crew.

One Twitter user posted a video of the entire incident with the caption, "British Airways, shocking handling of the emergency scenario at Valencia. Plane full of smoke, no oxygen, no announcements on the plane and no staff dealing with anything in the airport. The most terrifying experience of my life and no reaction from you. Shocking!"

British Airways issued a statement to Fox News which read, "Flight BA422 from Heathrow to Valencia experienced a technical issue on its landing approach into Valencia. All our customers were evacuated safely by our crew and met by the airport's emergency services."

"There were 175 customers on board the flight, with six cabin crew and two pilots. Three customers were taken to the hospital as a precaution and have since been discharged."

They added, "The safety of our customers and crew is always our highest priority. In addition to our team on-site, other British Airways team members have arrived in Valencia to help our customers and our local airport partners with anything they need."