Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi
Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood QureshiSpencer Platt/Getty Images

A Canadian journalist confronted Pakistan's foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi calling him a "censorious thug" at a media event in London.

The journalist, Ezra Levant, was angry with Qureshi over Pakistan's media censorship and called him out for his government censoring tweets of users from the United States and Canada. During his angry tirade, Levant also claimed that his Twitter handle was shut down.

The incident happened during the 'Defend Media Freedom' conference in London, where Qureshi was a part of the panel. The event took place on July 10 and 11. 

The event was boycotted by international media who were protesting lack of free speech for journalists and media personnel in Pakistan.

Levant asked Qureshi, "Can you explain, why the Islamic supremacy in Pakistan is silencing my personal and journalistic freedom in Canada?"

He went on to tell the panel that they should be embarrassed to invite "the censorious thug" for this event.

Qureshi attempted to brush off the matter and tried convincing Levant to not fall prey to the negative portrayal of Pakistan in the media.

"I urge you not to be swayed by negative characterisation in international media about Pakistan, which tends to overlook Pakistan's accomplishments in media and other areas," said Qureshi.

"You have double standards and what you are propping up a certain sections agenda. I have been respectful to you," he added.

Levant then said that Pakistan dislikes 'free speech' and went on to ask, "Who the hell are you to censor me in Canada? I know because you don't like free speech. You censored me, shame on you."