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Pakistan's Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations Asif Ghafoor.Reuters

Pakistan has again drawn the netizens' ire after its Director-General of Inter-Services Public Relations, Asif Ghafoor, posted a doctored video of IAF Air Marshall Denzil Keelor "talking about India's failure during the Balakot airstrikes".

The Pakistan Army spokesperson had tweeted the video with the caption "Admission of Indian failure and losses on 27 February 2019 by a well-decorated Indian Airforce veteran Air Marshal Denzil Keelor.#Surprise."

The video along with Air Marshal Keelor speaking to the camera also shows a video of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman's capture and subsequent questioning. This could lead the viewers to connect the two and conclude that the Air Marshal was indeed talking about India's apparent failure in the Balakot airstrike which widened the rift between the two neighbouring countries.

However, Twitter was quick to correct him saying that the video of the war hero was uploaded in 2015 and this was part of an interview with the title 'Nehru lost India the war: Air Marshal Denzil Keelor speaks about India's battle losses'.

After Ghafoor received a major clap back on Twitter, he acknowledged that the video was indeed doctored.

He tweeted, "The clip of Air Marshal is revealed to be doctored through inset. Admission and expression were too identical to differentiate. Unintentional omission is acknowledged, especially to Indians. Nonetheless, environment remained unchanged for IAF on both the occasions."

While Ghafoor has admitted that the video was edited, it hasn't been taken down and no formal apology has been issued.

Here are some of the replies his tweet received.

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