Pakistan abhinandan ad mockery
Many Indians were outraged by the Pakistani ad

The advertisement made by Pakistani TV channel Jazz TV to promote its coverage of the India vs Pakistan clash on June 16 has received an angry reaction from Indians across the board. The ad pokes fun at Indian Air Force officer Abhinandan Varthman and the videos of him while in Pakistani captivity.

But now, the Indian cyber volunteers have decided to hit back in the same language – by producing videos of their own. One made by the YouTube channel V Seven Pictures has gained a lot of popularity on the cybersphere. It shows an Indian and a Pakistani cricket fan at a barber's saloon. The Pakistani guy presents a gift to the Indian and calls him, in an endearing voice, abbu (father).

The response to Pakistani adYouTube/V Seven Pictures

On opening the gift box, a handkerchief is found inside it. The Pakistani man says to the Indian that he would need this to hide his face after India loses to Pakistan. But the barber also happens to be an Indian fan and instead of giving the Pakistani a normal shave, which he demands, he styles his beard in the same style as Abhinandan. Then comes the killer line: "You will only have the jhootha cup of Abhinandan, the real cup will be ours."

But this is not the only video response to Jazz TV's commercial. One user has edited the original ad and has made it convey a completely altered message. At the point where the Pakistani takes away the cup from Abhinandan look-alike, this user has inserted a clip of the cup being washed and then plays the clip of it being given back to Abhinandan doppelganger with the words, "we just needed to wash it, the cup is always yours."

Another response from the Indian sideTwitter

Both videos have received great applause from Indian cricket fans and have been described as a befitting and strong reply to the insolence of Pakistanis. While some people may continue to feel disappointed over what they consider jingoism or just poor creativity, the fans are all geared up for the big match on Sunday. These ads are doing their part in raising the heat before the real contest.