Poonam Pandey responds to Pakistan's ad by removing her bra.
Poonam Pandey responds to Pakistan's ad by removing her bra on camera.Video screengrab

Poonam Pandey has responded to Pakistan's recent World Cup ad that mocked Indian Air Force officer Abhinandan. The diva replied in her own raunchy way by offering her D-cup bra in place of the World Cup.

Poonam posted a video on social media with the caption that read, "My Answer to the Pakistani AD. #INDvPAK World Cup 2019." The video shows Poonam showing the Pakistani ad on her mobile while sipping on a cup of tea.

She then expressed her disappointment at the insulting ad by saying, "I saw this Pakistani ad yesterday on my Whatsapp, making fun of a war hero. Dear Pakistan that is not cool." She then says, "this is my answer to your ad" and then does something really surprising.

She removes her D-cup bra on camera, and mockingly says – "Why settle for a tea cup, when you can actually have a D-cup, a double D-cup? You can even have tea in it." The video then ends by giving her a "thug-life" tribute for the response. Well, the makers of the Pakistani ad certainly did not see that coming.

Poonam is known for making extremely bold videos and photoshoots. In fact, she had risen to fame by announcing that she would pose nude if India won the 2011 World Cup. Although India won the title, she eventually did not perform the stunt saying that BCCI did not permit her to do so. However, this act had given her instant fame.

She had recently posted some semi-nude photos on social media to cheer for India's victories in the last two World Cup matches. Well, this diva certainly knows how to hog the limelight.

Watch the video below: