Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most inscrutable men in the cricket world. His demeanour never gives away the churn of emotions that must be operating inside his mind. However, social media has allowed the former India captain to share some private moments where those aspects of his personality came through which were earlier hidden.

Over the last few months, Dhoni has shared some wonderful pics and videos of her daughter and himself which reveal what a loving parent he is. However, unlike other members of the current Indian team, the 2011 World Cup-winning captain hasn't been too keen on expressing his sentiments about his wife.

MS Dhoni birthday
MS Dhoni with his family

But on Monday, MSD shared a wonderful video from around a year ago where his wife Sakshi could be seen practicing, or to put it more clearly, struggling while practicing her dialogue delivery for an advertisement. But the best moment of the video is when Dhoni, sitting next to her, comes in and absolutely trashes her wife's efforts.

This is one aspect of MSD's personality that we haven't seen. We do know that MSD is a family man but this relaxed and joking avatar of the person hasn't been seen before. The video shows Dhoni becoming slightly impatient with his wife's bumbling of words but still being in good humour. The message along with the video is most interesting.

"Blast from the past. When you turn the table and ask the director to deliver the dialogue especially when she keeps saying such an easy dialogue you should do it in one take. Time flies, this was more than a year back," Mahi wrote on his Instagram post.

It's in humourous moments like these that we realise that Dhoni's isn't a machine devoid of emotions. There is behind the mask of imperiousness, a person who possesses all those humane emotions that we associate with mere mortals.