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Monkeys can be a real prick and a video shared by Live Leaks proves the same. The video, which is a compilation of several clips shows a grey langur terrorising Supa village in India's western state of Gujarat.

According to reports, the primate has attacked people 19 times in just 90 days.

Forest authorities are also confused why the monkey is acting like that. The Sun reported that residents have tried to pacify the creature by giving it food but their efforts failed. Now the villagers are just terrified of monkeys.

In one of the clip, the monkey is attacking a man on a bike. The primate dashes at the man and jumps of him, making him fall from his bike. In another video, an old woman is seen walking along the road and the monkey attacks her from behind, making her fall face first on the streets. The monkey is then seen prancing out of the screen.

According to reports, the langur has attacked a milkman seven times.

Though, according to Indian Express, the videos have gone viral on social media and some people are finding them funny, experts are baffled by the monkey's actions as other primates live in perfect harmony with human sin many places in India.

Monkey menace can become deadly. In April a 16-day-old boy died after he was snatched and dropped in a well by monkeys.

According to the police, a woman had gone to the well to get water when she spotted the body floating in it, following which she immediately alerted the family. The baby's body was recovered from the15-feet-deep well.

"It seems while the monkey was jumping from the terrace my baby somehow slipped from its clutches and fell in the well," said the baby's father Rama Krushna Nayak.

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