Verizon's 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is now officially available to purchase. The sale of the phone was started on Tuesday. The 5G version of the Galaxy S10 has been listed at a price tag of $1,300. Samsung Galaxy S10 is 'real' 5G compatible device unlike Moto Z3, which needs to attach a mod to get 5G service.

As the sale started, Twitter users started showing off the speed of the 5G network. Some journalists posted speed test results on Twitter, which show more than a gigabyte of download speed. George L. Koroneos, a Verizon representative, posted a video, which shows 1,098 Mbps downloading speed with 27-ms ping. George stated in his tweet, "This is 5G on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in front of my hotel. It's crazy the difference a month makes. #FirstToRealTime"

Jessica Dolcourt, a CNET reporter, also posted an image with Samsung Galaxy S10 which hit 1,341.15 Mbps download speed. She said, "Hot damn, this is like a whole different 5G network #Verizon #GalaxyS105G #SpeedTest."

5G speed test
5G speed testTwitter/Jessica Dolcourt

To put things into perspective, Julian Chokkattu from Digital Trends said that It took 26 seconds to download PUBG: Mobile (a 1.86GB~ file) on the S10 5G while it took 2 minutes and 1 second at the 4G network.  He also downloaded a whole season of Sneaky Pete from Amazon Prime Video in 93 seconds on the S10 5G.

5G speed test
5G speed testTwitter/Julian Chokkattu

It's worth pointing out, Verizon's 5G network currently covers only two cities in US – Chicago and Minneapolis.

5G will complement 4G

We all know that the 5G network is knocking our doors, which means 'Will 4G network disappear soon like 3G or 2G?' the answer is "No." There are a few approaches carriers are using to roll out 5G, but millimetre wave (Ultra-Wideband) is a most common approach that is used by carriers (Verizon and AT&T), which gives super-fast speeds and low latency, but it has poor penetration and low rang. Millimetre wave has trouble going through buildings, blocks, and cars.

So, if your locality is receiving 5G network coverage, there might be a chance that you could not get good 5G network in your building. That's why I think, 4G LTE is not going anywhere anytime soon. 5G is meant to complement it for the next couple of years.

Currently, the 5G network is still in its infancy and some mobile manufacturers have started to unveil 5G compatible phones. But it is said that India might get the 5G network sometime in 2021.