It has not been two months since the mass beaching of 150 short-finned pilot whales on Australia's western coast, another beaching incident was reported from China's Hailing Island, where a defenseless dolphin met with a horrible end.

A footage has surfaced, which shows a man casually down the beach with the large dolphin over his shoulder. According to reports, the man, who is suspected to be a tourist, was spotted hauling the stricken animal till his car and then drove away with it.

According to South China Morning Post, a local fishery authority official told the that witnesses said the dolphin got stranded at the beach and looked like it was about to die.

"Dolphins are protected animals [in China]. Whether it was dead or alive, he should have called the authorities for help," said the fishery authority official

He also said that the man will be punished once he is identified.

Though IBTimes India has not verified the video, reported that the footage was shot during China's three-day labour holiday.

People were extremely distress after seeing the video. South China Morning post reported one internet user writing: "Is he going to boil the dolphin [for food]? This is simply disgusting," one internet user wrote.

Another user said: "These people are like savages. They should be punished and made to pay hundreds of thousands of yuan."

Another beaching incident reported from Coral Bay Beach in Perth, Australia has a happy ending. A footage showing a woman trying to help a marlin fish that had beached itself became viral as the world applauded the brave heart. Her hands were sliced from pulling the fish in water, but she only noticed the pain after the fish swam away.