"The League" season 7 is back after a short hiatus since it aired its episode 11 on 18 November. After focusing on the misadventures of Rafi and Dirty Randy in "Adios y Bienvenidos", the show will continue the hilarious journey of six friends with episode 12 on 2 December.

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In episode 11, we saw how Sofia decides to get plastic surgery, but it's Ruxin who ends up dealing with the aftermath. And as the episode progressed, the misadventures of Rafi and Dirty Randy continued as they embarked on a quest to Puerto Rico.

Last week's "Adios y Bienvenidos" received mixed reviews from the viewers, with many finding it frustrating and confusing. The episode starts with Kevin, Ruxin and Pete agreeing to a three team trade. While Kevin and Pete are worried that Ruxin will back out in the last minute, they soon discover that Sofia has passed away.

The rest of the league reaches Ruxin's house to cheer him up, but he is upset because Sofia's dad refuses to give the body to him. This is when Rafi pitches in to get the body back and for this, he reaches out to Dirty Randy and both of them drive down to Puerto Rico. After a series of misadventures the duo finally manages to get Sofia's body.

At the end of the episode, Raffi and Randy are seen arriving at the funeral in Chicago, where Rafi opens the casket and reveals Sofia's body.

In the pre-finale episode on 2 December, we will see how the league will be kicked off by their fantasy football website and hence, Kevin will have to run the league's old school. Meanwhile, Jenny will be seen dealing with loss and Rafi counselling Ruxin. But Andre, on the other hand, will try to co-opt Ruxin¹s dinner reservation.

Synopsis of "The 13 Stages of Grief" reads: The crew is kicked off of their website, forcing Kevin to run the league old school; Rafi "helps" Ruxin while Andre tries to co-opt Ruxin's dinner reservations; Jenny deals with loss.

"The League" season 7 episode 12, titled "The 13 Stages of Grief", will be aired on 2 December on FXX at 10pm.