"The League" season 7 is moving forward in full swing. After airing 10 episodes of the "maybe" finale season, the football fantasy league seems to be losing plot. The show's episode 10 had multiple storylines of various characters being followed and somewhere it just got confusing. Now, this week in episode 11 we need to see how it picks up.

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In last week's episode 10 we saw every character in the show got equal screen space. "The Block" started off with Pete celebrating his move up the big league, Taco informs the guys that he is retiring from sex due to concussions, Andre finally gets hooked, while Kevin and Jenny obsess over The Block, an imagined Battlestar Galactica/The Wire-like television show-within-a-show, which also happens to be coming to an end after its seventh season finale.

In the episode, we also saw how Ruxin was trying to video chat with Sofia, who's still away with her family. They decided to get a little dirty, but unfortunately, the video freezes just when things are getting good. And by the end of the episode, Andre, who had managed to get a date, finds himself in a fix again.

This week on "The League" season 7, episode 11, Sofia decides to get plastic surgery and we will see how Ruxin has to bear with the repercussions. Also the preview of the episode teases that Rafi and Dirty Randy will travel to Puerto Rico.

Plot synopsis of "Adios y Bienvenidos" reads:

Rafi and Dirty Randy head to Puerto Rico; Sofia goes under the knife and Ruxin has to deal with the aftermath.

"The League" season 7 episode 11 titled "Adios y Bienvenidos" will be aired on 18 November on FXX at 10pm.