Just when fans thought "The League" was losing its charm in season 7, episode 8 last week took everyone back in the days of season 2, 3 and 4. Last week's "The Last Temptation of Andre" saw some good and hilarious stuff happening and fans are hoping it continues in this week's episode 9.

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In last week's episode 8 we saw Taco reminding everyone that EBDB will deliver them anything, but is interrupted by Ruxin, who complains about his most recent loss. We also saw how everyone laughed at the fact that Taco lost to Pete, who is making all of his fantasy decisions by the flip of a coin.

On the other hand, Andre is seen desperately looking for somewhere to park on the street in the rains. He is helped by a Korean priest who allows him to park in their lot. And so, Andre joins the Korean church for free parking space.

Meanwhile, we also saw Kevin trying to have sex with Jenny and how Taco and Tate decide that Ruxin and Kevin facing off in court is the perfect opportunity to start a workplace fantasy league, to give the guys get a taste of their own medicine.

But at the end of "The Last Temptation of Andre", the focus shifts back to the church where Andre lies about having a charity that builds homes. And the church is expecting him to get a hole in their ceiling fixed with Andre's help.

Now, while Andre is trying to pull this off, Taco arrives with a sex swing for Kevin to borrow to spice up his sex life. Andre decides to take it to use as a harness when he fixes the church, but to his bad luck the sex swing/harness falls from the ceiling and gets hooked on the statue of Jesus. This happens and at the same moment the priests walk in. Andre gets excommunicated from the church and loses his free parking pass.

In this week's episode 9, we will see how Taco will take up his job at the bank with full enthusiasm. On the other hand, Pete will be seen facing issues with his on-again/off-again girlfriend. The promo of "The Yank Banker" also teases that Andre will have a new patient, who is actually an old college crush.

Plot synopsis of "The Yank Banker" reads:

"Pete isn't sure if he wants to commit to Libby; Taco embraces his day job in the banking world; Andre's patient is a college crush."

"The League" season 7 episode 9 titled "The Yank Banker" will be aired on FXX on 4 November at 10 pm.