"The League" may be getting closer to the end of its final season, and the makers are trying hard to make it the best season ever. But it looks like, the show is losing its plot with critics pointing out that the last instalment is getting boring and lame. But will it pick up episode 8 onwards?

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In last week's episode 7 we saw the show focusing back on Pete and Kevin's friendship. "Trophy Kevin" saw Kevin feeling threatened with Pete's new friend and his relationship with Pete becoming strained due to this.

Meanwhile Taco was seen doing some stuff, making EBDBBnB jokes and acquiring a drone. Andre on the other hand, gets back into the dating pool and gets on dating app and decides to date someone randomly, but is seen dealing with his feelings for Meegan.

The episode also saw how Jenny's competitive spirit leads her to try to get Ellie's soccer game rigged. Now, she and Kevin don't have to waste their Sundays in Decatur.

This week's episode 8 will see Taco and wide receiver Golden Tate create a fantasy workplace league for the other guys. The promo for "The Last Temptation of Andre" teases that Andre will get help from a Korean church to find a better parking spot.

Plot synopsis of "The Last Temptation of Andre" reads:

"Andre joins a Korean church for the parking; Detroit Wide Receiver Golden Tate flips the script when he and Taco create a fantasy workplace league and draft the others."

"The League" season 7 episode 8 titled "The Last Temptation of Andre" will be aired on 28 October, on FXX at 10pm.