"The League" has gone past half way through season 7 and continues to keep its fans completely entertained. The last six episodes have been successful enough to deliver a good content packed with smart one-liners, and the giggles continue with episode 7, titled "Trophy Kevin".

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In episode 6 we saw how Pete decides to run the Beer Mile with Taco as his coach. Taco had apparently won the competition five years ago, but was disqualified. Pete, after extensive training, feels ready for the competition, but is forced to ditch the race due to bad stomach.

"The Beer Mile" also saw Kevin finally, confronting his gardener about the stool on his lawn, and this makes his gardener Ernesto furious, who then quits his job. On the other hand, Andre and Meegan, who are facing Jenny in their weekly fantasy matchup, are having issues over Andre's fantasy football team.

Meegan wants to take control of Andre's team and so decides to place Mike Evans at the flex position instead of Andre's choice of Brandin Cooks without Andre's consent. And when Andre finds out, he gets infuriated because Cooks is having a much better week than Evans. The episode ends with the two arguing to the point where they break up over the game.

In episode 7, Kevin will feel threatened by Pete's new friend. The promo for "Trophy Kevin" also teases that Andre will decide to use the EBDBBnB as a farm, while Taco will get a drone.

Plot synopsis of "Trophy Kevin" reads:

Andre uses the EBDBBnB for farming; Taco acquires a drone; Pete's new referee friend has Kevin feeling insecure.

"The League" season 7, episode 7 titled "Trophy Kevin" will be aired on 21 October, on FXX at 10pm.