Fans of "Gotham" were in for a terrible surprise in the last episode, which aired on 5 October. After entertaining and terrifying us with a brilliant Joker, who we thought will go on to become the greatest Batman villains, the show-runners killed off Jerome (Cameron Monaghan).

While most fans are visibly agitated by this, creatively it makes sense to introduce the legacy of the Joker, which all of Gotham would remember as "death and madness". Another popular Batman villain that is slowly making a mark in the show is Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), who has already killed once, and will go on to become the famous Riddler.

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When the show-runners hinted FaceBook that he will be heavily featured in the upcoming Episode 4 of Season 2 titled "Strike Force", fans certainly had some sarcastic comments to make. In response to the question "Which side of Nygma could this be?" one fan responded with "The side that you'll probably kill off because he plays the role too well?" Another fan added "Confusion and inquisition shall be his legacy."

We think it is safe to assume that "Gotham" will not repeat history with two characters and to hope the evolution of Nygma as the Riddler will be more gradual than that of the Joker; he is even set to ask Miss Kringle (Chelsea Spack) in Episode 4. We will see more of the chaos that Riddler's schizophrenia causes before Gotham is rid of him.

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Meanwhile, another villain we should beware of is the Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). In the previous episode, we saw Harvey (Donal Logue) warn the new king of Gotham that he would get beaten up if he were to go to Gorden (Ben McKenzie) asking for favours. Penguin, who is already put off by this threat, is seen making plans with his subordinates on how to take what they want from Gotham.

A new captain, Barnes (Michael Chiklis) has taken upon himself to take the penguin down, and is seen rounding up the GCPD forces, in order to do the same.

Bruce (David Mazouz) will also get a new love interest in the newest villain Theo Galavan's (James Frain) niece Silver St. Cloud.

Watch out for Season 2 Episode 4 of "Gotham" at 8.00pm (EST) on Monday, 12 October. You can also live stream "Strike Force" via Fox Now!