The villains – or loonies – of "Gotham" have been unleashed by Theo Galavan (James Frain) as of season 2 premiere, and in the second part of "Villains Rising", which also marks episode 2 of the season, we will see how he uses them to take over Batman's city.

Detective Gordon (Ben McKenzie) had just found a crooked way to reinstate himself as a cop and appoint captain Essen (Zabyna Guevara) as the police commissioner to clean up the city. However, his dreams may have to wait, seeing that there are more villains to fend off than he could have anticipated.

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Along with his crazy ex-girlfriend Barbara (Erin Richards), the proto-Joker Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), Galavan has quite a few "loonies" in his arsenal. In the promo for episode 2, we see a lot of violence, and a beaten up Gordon limping through an alley. We also see many dead bodies and a lunatic Jerome in police costume screaming to the camera, "You ain't seen nothing yet", before cackling.

To combat the rise of the villains, Gordon would need all the help he can get, which is why he will be seen trying to get Harvey (Donal Logue) back in his team. Harvey is in retirement and working as a bartender, away from the dangerous life of a cop.

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Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) on the other hand, is trying to hold on to his sanity and try his hand at dating Miss Kringle (Chelsea Spack). Last season, we saw him snap and kill her boyfriend in a fit of rage, but had covered it up very cleverly and diligently.

In episode 2, we will also see Bruce (David Mazouz) trying to comprehend what his father meant by "greater calling" and turning to an old friend – Cat (Camren Bicondova) – for help.

Watch out for season 2 episode 2 of "Gotham" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Fox. You can also live stream "Villains Rising: Knock, Knock" via Fox Now.