Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2 might have a setting in a smart city (Representational Photo)

Irrespective of the performance of Watch Dogs, rumours have already started circulating on its sequel, tentatively titled Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs had a new, innovative story and gave players the option to be vigilante hackers or criminals.

However, it has been speculated that Watch Dogs 2 will involve smart cities, with a new location, KpopStarz (via AirHerald) reported.

Here are 9 possible locations for Watch Dogs 2:

  1. Tokyo, Japan - It has some of the fastest internet connections and network spread all through the city. The people are tech savvy and players may also have to deal with organised criminal gangs like Yakuza.
  2. Singapore City, Singapore - This metropolis has some of the world's best tech giants, and is also a city state with police and law known for their adherence to rules. This could prove to be a fresh challenge for the new protagonist in Watch Dogs 2.
  3. New York, US - NY is one of the most advanced cities in the world, with good internet coverage and its citizens being watched through the surveillance cameras.
  4. Dubai, UAE - It is one of the richest cities, which is home to rich and powerful people. Also, the city has good public transport network and widespread video surveillance.
  5. San Francisco Bay Area, US - Yet another IT hub in the US with good connectivity and coverage. In Watch Dogs 2, it might be a wonderful place for the hackers.
  6. Silicon Valley, US - It is not only one of the technology hubs but also accounts for one-third of all of the venture capital investment in the US, and among them the most is in the field of information technology.
  7. Stockholm, Sweden - The city boasts high speed internet connectivity and is well networked. All the sectors of government are computerised.
  8. London, UK - It has the right mix of everything and has nearly 1.85 million cameras which monitor people.
  9. Beijing, China - Being the capital of the China, Beijing is a city of heavy surveillance and all citizens are closely scrutinised.

(Source: GamingBolt)

New Protagonist

Rumours also suggested that Aiden Pearce would be dropped and a new protagonist from the minority group is likely.

Release Date Rumours

Rumours have went on and fixed a tentative release date for the yet-to-be announced or officially confirmed Watch Dogs 2. The reported release date is 2016. There has been no proof, however, to prove that it will or will not release in 2016.