crocodile on the roof in karnataka

A shocking video of a full-grown crocodile resting on the roof of a house in the flood-hit area of Belgaum in Karnataka has been doing rounds on the internet.

Floods have ravaged the northern parts of Karnataka over the past few days, prompting the Indian Army and National Disaster Response Force to conduct rescue missions.

A video of the incident shows the crocodile on the roof as he was surrounded with water. ANI tweeted the video with the caption, "A crocodile lands on roof of a house in flood-affected Raybag taluk in Belgaum. #Karnataka."

Raybag taluk in Belgaum is said to be one of the worst-hit areas in Karnataka by to the floods

Crocodiles have been making appearances in Maharashtra and Gujarat as well when rains ravaged parts of the states causing floods.

In Maharashtra, a crocodile was spotted swimming in the open drains along the sides of a road in Ratnagiri. The incident reportedly took place on Friday, July 26.

It was suspected that the crocodile could have entered the drains during the heavy downpour Ratnagiri received. The rains caused the flooding of the Vashisht River, which originates in the region.

On July 31, a crocodile was spotted trying to bite a dog in Vadodara in Gujarat during the floods, which completely submerged the city and nearby areas. This was not the only crocodile to be spotted about Vadodara during the floods.

Reports state that a large number of the reptiles had entered the city and were roaming the streets creating havoc.