It is difficult to see Courteney Cox as any other woman apart from Monica Geller, a character from the popular American television show, FRIENDS.  In a new video that has been uploaded by the actress on Instagram, she was seen playing the theme song of FRIENDS on the piano. Much like her character from the show, Monica Geller, she was seen playing the piano with passion, and a tiny hint of competitiveness.  

Courteney Cox

Monica Geller had been one of those characters who was obsessed with cleanliness and had a hard time proving to everyone that she was the winner in the room, (because she was.) Monica was not just an awesome cook, but a loving girlfriend, supporting wife, and a brutally honest best friend, who had the ability to tell you the truth without hurting your feelings. (Welcome to the real world, it sucks you're gonna love it.) Hence watching her play the piano on the perfect note, merges with her character from the show.  Even David Beckham couldn't control his emotions and acted like a complete millennial in the comments section where he wrote, 'OMG, OMG.'

Friends Reunion soon

Courteney Cox will be reprising her role in FRIENDS very soon. The reunion is expected to take place on HBO Max. Unlike various other co-stars, Courteney remained in good terms with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow post the success of the shows. 


In 2020, the two of them had come together to watch the Emmys. Earlier, when Jennifer Aniston was facing a humiliating divorce from her then-husband Brad Pitt, Courteney had been a real Monica to Rachel and stood by her to be her emotional support. We can't wait to see the entire cast members together, can we?