In one of the episodes of FRIENDS, Rachel Greene and Chandler Bing laugh at Ross Geller for making out with a 50-year-old woman, when he was in high school.

Among his many funny comebacks, Chandler had asked Ross, "I'm sorry when you were in high school were you making out with a 50-year-old woman." It was the same episode where Brad Pitt made a cameo, and Joey Tribbiani ate an entire turkey. All of those who made fun of 50-year-old women made the biggest mistake in their career. Jennifer Aniston is 52 and she couldn't have been more fabulous. 

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston even invited her ex-boyfriend to her birthday party.Getty images

Out of all the cast of FRIENDS, it is Jennifer Aniston who has aged with grace. Her life had been a roller coaster with umpteen number of speculations, ever since Brad Pitt had walked out on her and married Angelina Jolie. When the power couple Brangelina separated, a few days later Jennifer Aniston had announced her divorce from Justin Theroux. Social media went abuzz, hoping for their reunion again. 

Jennifer Aniston had risen to fame through American television. Post the massive success of FRIENDS, where she played Rachel Greene, she had still managed to be a lead cast in various other Hollywood projects. In fact, out of all the cast members of FRIENDS, only Jen and Courteney Cox successfully kept their careers in films intact. 

Still successful in career

The 50s usually was thought to be a phase in an actresses' career when most of them usually get cast in the role of mother. It doesn't take Jennifer Aniston a second to shame many women in their 20s. She just continues to do her job. 

In one of her popular films, We're The Millers, she does an act of striptease. There had been various reports which had been sceptical about Aniston pulling off an act of a stripper 'at this age', but it only took her three minutes to prove us all wrong. 

At present, Jennifer Aniston is expected to make a comeback in a FRIENDS reunion special again. No plot revelations about the upcoming project have been made yet, but it took Jennifer Aniston one selfie to remind us all that the craze to watch her back with her bunch of New Yorkers, has not faded away.