The break from FRIENDS has definitely been a long one since 2004. Since then, Emma turned 18, Ben has moved on to become a star on Riverdale, Jennifer Aniston has had two marriages and divorces, Joey has moved to Los Angeles and bought a huge place for himself, in other words, life couldn't have been better.

In the year, 1996, the first two-part FRIENDS episode, The One With The Super Bowl had garnered as many as 56 million viewership. It was the same episode where Julia Roberts, Brooks Shield and Jean Claude Vam Damme had made an appearance. 


During the making of the episode, creator Marta Kauffman had a different thought for agreeing to the long episode, along with the cameos of A-listers from Hollywood. During an interaction with The Hollywood Reporter, she shared that she was more concerned about using those extra hours of airing to help victims of domestic abuse. 

"I wanted to do it because I had heard a statistic that Super Bowl Sunday is the day associated with the most number of partner abuse. My thinking was that if this helps one woman from being beaten, I'm all for it." Another report mentioned that Marta Kauffman's statistic has since been disproved.

It was the episode where three Hollywood stars had a cameo appearance as lovers of three of the main characters. Julia Roberts appeared as Sussie Moss, Chandler's former classmate who wanted to seek revenge for a humiliation faced by him in school, Brooke Shield as Erika, Joey's stalker turned lover who wasn't familiar with the concept of television and its content. Jean Claude Vann Damme appeared as himself, who became a part time romantic pair for both Rachel and Monica.