In a novel way to educate the people more about the coronavirus pandemic, the Tripura Puppet Theatre (TPT) group brings in the traditional "Putul Nach" (puppet dance), drawing people's attention and appreciation.

Since March 21, which was the World Puppet Day, the TPT has started this unique endeavour to make people aware of the danger of the novel coronavirus and how to protect from it.

Tripura Puppet Theatre
Tripura Puppet Theatre

Awareness through entertainment

The video of the puppet dance on the novel coronavirus and its spread is prepared by the artists of the TPT group, which is a 65-year-old folk cultural body promoting the puppet theatre shows.

The video then uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms have garnered huge attention and admiration from the netizens.

A stage-show; now streamed online

One of the founders of TPT, Prabhitangshu Das said that like every year they had planned a puppet dance event to observe the World Puppet Day on March 21 but due to the preventive measures announced by the government they had to call off the programme.

"Since we are unable to perform our annual puppet dance event due to COVID-19, we have chosen to go online this year through diverse social media to make people aware against the danger of the disease and defensive measures," Das spoke to a media.

puppet dolls
puppet dolls

Stay clean and hygiene is the motto

The video featured in Bengali language shows three puppet dolls on-screen that portray a government official, his family and a doctor. The government official coughs and shows flu-like symptoms and is advised by his family to consult a doctor.

The doctor then explains the government official about the virus. The video ends with a slogan 'stay clean and hygiene', equally appeals to both elder and younger people in a society.

The TPT has excelled in different International and national puppet festivals and workshops in India and abroad. The video has soon become the talk of social media for their simple and novel way of educating.

Check out the puppet show here: