V Hanumantha Rao fighting

Embarrassing moments are piling up by the dozen for political parties as the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections is just around the corner.

The most recent incident took place on May 11, Saturday, in Telangana when Congress MP Hanumantha Rao got into a fight with a local Congress party leader, Nagesh Mudiraj, and their entire scuffle was filmed. Hanumantha Rao is a senior Congress leader in Telangana and also served as a Union minister. 

They were allegedly fighting over the seating arrangement on the stage and the argument led to blows. The fight then escalated to such an extent that the duo began to drag each other off the stage and to the ground. They only stopped when other leaders came in between and physically put an end to the fight.

The incident happened during a meeting organised by the Opposition parties to rally against the TRS government and the irregularities of the results of the state board examinations which led to the suicides of 22 students. The opposition parties included Telugu Desam Party, Left and Congress.

The TRS government had set up a committee last month to look into the IT firm which was involved in the publication of the exam results. Many students had resorted to suicide after their intermediate exam results showed that they had failed the exams.