Crocodile attack
Crocodile attackGetty images- CARL DE SOUZA / Staff

In a shocking incident, a boy was filmed throwing a puppy into a crocodile-infested lake in Indonesia. In no time, a crocodile dragged the puppy into deep waters. Animal rights activists were left distraught after the video appeared online. The video has been removed from YouTube for having violent graphic content. 

According to Daily Mail. the 30-second video shows a young boy walking towards the edge of the water while holding the pup by the neck. The boy then hurls the puppy into the water.

The puppy can be seen struggling for several minutes and trying to keep its head above water. A crocodile soon emerges from the deep waters and drags the pup to disappear in seconds. The footage was first posted on video-sharing site LiveLeak and has been viewed more than 72,000 times. The boy, however, is yet to be identified. 

The video sparked outrage after it went viral on social media. A person posted the video with the caption: "A horrible act on such a poor and helpless animal."

One comment read: "The only acceptable punishment is to throw him in the same lake."

Another added: "This kid deserves a severe punishment."

Another user stated: "Can't wait to see the video where he slips and falls into the same river."