time travel
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Our knowledge about extraterrestrial beings is very little. In a recent study, researchers mentioned that aliens might wipe us out with a single message. But a man who claims to be a 'time traveler' says that the real threat to the human race is the robots, not the aliens. In fact, the man who claims to have come from the year 3300 says that the aliens will be with us in the war against the robots.

The unnamed 'time traveler' said that he has come to warn us all of an impending apocalypse, sharing all the details of the 'future'. In a recent video posted by Paranormal Elite, the man who was tracked down in Paris said: "I was not born here; I was born in 3,258 on 1st December in the European Empire."

The voice and identity of the person were changed in the video to protect his identity. He said that in the future, they don't use fuel or gas or atomic energy, instead receive energy from sun batteries.

He said: "I was a witness of everything that happened in 3,260. I didn't only watch this event; I participated as I lived at the period of time."

In the future, according to the man in the video, there will be no trees and very few animals. He said hated the robots the most, "they were everywhere".

He said: "They were not only robots. They were very clever and could take the decisions communicated with each other."

He added: "It was fateful and tragic for all people all over the world."  Saying that in the future it is "catastrophic," the man vowed that he "would give everything to stop it".

He claimed: "It was fateful and tragic for all people all over the world." He explained: "People lost all technology, phones, weapons, everything - we had only laser automatic machines against robots. If you could accidentally be seen in the camera the robots appeared there immediately to kill or follow you."

The machines, however, couldn't detect people from satellites, he claimed. But, only 800 people could hide in the ruins, deserts and in forests and caves. Within three days, he said that they lost all means of communication and within a month there were just 250 people left and only 12 robots were killed.

The war included everyone in the galaxy, he recalled: "Together with people, there were aliens from other galaxy who also fought with the robots."