time traveller
Man who claims to have time travelled from the year 6000 shows a photograph of how the world will appear in the future.YouTube screenshot

Time travel has been one of the most romanticised and hyped scientific subjects in sci-fi shows to books, which obsess over the idea. Now, if we are to believe the claim of an individual, every time-travel fanatic's dream has possibly come true.

A bizarre clip that surfaced online shows a man claiming he's been to the future and even has a photo to prove it!

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The "time traveller" has his face blurred in the video where he is shown meeting a reporter at an undisclosed location and going on a rant to reveal what he knows about "secret technologies" from the year 6000. That, and also what the future of humanity is.

What adds more mystery to the vide is that the voice of the self-proclaimed "messenger" is also distorted. He claims he has been a part of a secret programme that has been sending people forward in time since the 1990s.

According to him, the future holds advancements in medicine, government and new technology that will make contemporary life and standard of living seem "primitive". He also claims the future holds a supreme leader of sorts, and humankind lives in peace under a benevolent ruler, which is nothing but an AI overlord!

As barely credible as the claims might sound, the man comes armed with what he says is solid proof of his journey: a photograph of an unnamed city. He holds it up to the screen in the middle of the video.

Unfortunately, the photograph is too blurry to make out anything clearly, and resembles more of an interpretive painting than a distinct futuristic city. And he has an explanation for that as well!

"In the time travel process pictures tend to get distorted, as well as many other things," claimed the "time-traveller".

"I know a lot of you are going to find my story extremely hard to believe and I don't blame you and if I was watching somebody claim these same things I myself would most likely not believe them.

"It is not my intention to deceive anybody, I simply want to spread a message about the future of humanity and where the world is heading. I have seen the way the world's changed and the technologies that have emerged it would blow your mind if you only knew the technologies that exist in the year 6000."

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Representational image.Creative Commons.

But the story comes with its fair share of plot twists, too! The man laments the loss of a friend he apparently left in the future, this person can apparently never come back. "I know he's in a good place. In a way the future is like a utopia, but sadly when we attempted to travel back we couldn't."

He concludes the topic saying: "I just wanted to see him one more time."

Remember the movie Downsizing? He sort of references to it and adds that future technology will advance enough to allow people to shrink down so space won't be an issue.

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The original video, which was uploaded earlier this month to ApexTV — a channel specialising in mysteries and the paranormal — already has more than 3 million views.

So hold your horses and wait for whatever prediction of this real-life Doctor Who comes true, as he assures with firm faith that time travel will become common by 2028!