Time travelling
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Time travel is only possible in science fiction movies, as scientists are yet to invent a device for that purpose, but, in a rather strange phenomenon, the passengers and crew of a Hawaiian flight went back in time – from New Year 2018 to 2017. Wondering how is that possible? Read to know.

Here's what happened

A Hawaiian Airlines flight HAL446, which was flying from Auckland (New Zealand) to Honolulu, has been delayed for 10 minutes and something mindblowing happened. The flight was supposed to depart the Auckland International Airport at 11.55pm local time.

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However, something prompted a sharp 10-minute delay in the flight's departure and it finally departed at 12.05 am on Monday, January 1, 2018 (as per NZ time).

But the flight landed in Honolulu at 1.05 am local time on Sunday, December 31 as the capital of Hawaii Is 23 hours behind Auckland.

This mindblowing fact has been shared on Twitter by ABC7's transportation reporter Sam Sweeney and Twitterati around the world are going crazy over it.

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