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After being stabbed with a knife, moving around like nothing happened is much like a thing you would expect fictional heroes to do, not people in the real-life. However, a recent video from Brazil shows a stabbing victim standing calmly with a knife sticking out of his back.

Elionardo Nascimento was having a drink with his friends in Brasileia, a rural town in north Brazil, when someone suddenly ran up to him and plunged the knife between his shoulder blades. The young man survived the horrendous attack after the carving knife narrowly missed his major organs and his spine, the surgeons said.

The 22-year-old man said that the attack was unprovoked as he "did bit know the person behind the assault and had not argued with anyone that night," The Sun reported.

The video of the incident, which took place on February 9, shows that man standing unusually calm with a wooden knife in his back and blood pouring down his T-shirt. The locals are heard comforting the man by telling him that ambulance is on its way.

Nascimento is quite shocked at why the incident happened as he said: "I don't know why this happened...I wasn't involved in a fight or an argument."

He added: "I had just come out of the pub to talk to some friends and was standing around outside with a drink in my hand, when a guy ran up, stabbed me in the back and ran off."

Nascimento didn't even realize that he was stabbed, he said: "I just felt a punch in my back which nearly knocked me off my feet."

He explained: "I was a bit confused as to what had just happened and when a friend took a look and told me I had a knife in my back, I couldn't believe it."

WARNING: Some viewers might not like the content of the video.

Nascimento did not panic or scream like one would usually expect someone to react after being stabbed. He said: "At the time, I didn't feel any pain, I think I must have been in a state of shock. But I knew I had to keep upright and calm."

He added: "There was no point panicking as this would only have made the situation worse than it was already."

Nascimento is recovering in Rio Branco Emergency Hospital after doctors successfully removed the weapon.

The cops soon reached the spot and found the victim sitting on a chair and were able to walk a few steps to sit down while waiting for the ambulance.

Detective Karlesso Nespoli said: "We were surprised to find the victim alert and not panicking. His composure certainly helped him to stay alive."

Nespoli added: "Elionardo was able to tell us what happened, and our preliminary investigations found the knife was new and had only recently been bought."

Strangely, no one ran after the suspect after the incident took place.

"At the time of the attack, nobody ran after the suspect as they didn't immediately realize what he had done," Detective Nespoli added.

Nespoli said that they're treating the case an attempt to murder, have identified a suspect and a warrant is out for his arrest.

Elionardo is currently trying to walk and the doctors say that he might not suffer any long-term damage or side effects from the horrendous attack.