Representational picture of eyebrows                                                                                                      Creative Commons

Eyebrows are more important than you think. Not only it prevents sweat, water, and other debris from falling into the eye socket, but also frame your face. So, take care of brows, coz even if you mess them up a bit, it can completely alter your looks and you might not like it.

There are several treatments for eyebrows available nowadays, like extension, microblading and tinting, and a little care to your bows can help you achieve the ultimate pointy brow with the perfect arch.

Firstly, shape your caterpillars. Take tweezers and pluck out any stray hair. You might be surprised to see how simply shaping your eyebrows can enhance your face's structure. However, if you are unsure about your capabilities to shape eyebrows, you can visit a parlor or see an eyebrow expert.

Now you have the base to work magic with your eyebrow pencil. Either use an angular brush to fill in the color or look for eyebrow pencils which have an angular tip as they give a good control and it is also easier to draw lines with them.

To get realistic looking eyebrows, use flicking motions to the line or fill in your eyebrows. These short, quick movements in the direction of your hairs growth mimic your natural hair and blend in perfectly.

Make sure you don't make the tail too long as it might end up making your face appear droopy, reported Cosmopolitan. To figure out how long your eyebrow should be, hold a pencil diagonal at your nostril and line it up with the side of your eye. The part where your pencil ends is your sweet spot.

Another thing you should always remember with eyebrows is that do not go overboard with the arch. We understand you love the perfect arch eyebrows, but remember less is more. To know where the arch should go, similarly hold a pencil diagonally to your nostril and line it up with the center of your eye. Make sure your arch is ONLY at that point.

Finally, remember blurring is the best way to go. Experts advise to use a spoolie to buff out any harsh lines, reported the website.