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Jacqueline Whitehart — the bestselling diet book author — is a firm advocate of the 5:2 programme. But now she seems to have changed her mind about the so-called Fast diet, as she claims it is too difficult to be followed in her 40s.

In a new revelation, the 42-year-old has come up with a new weight loss scheme called the Metabollic Fast-loss Plan, which apparently is sure to help one shed almost 15 pounds (just about 7 kg) in just one month!

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Having lost around the same amount of weight in the last four years, ever since she started following the diet, Jacqueline told Daily Mail Online: "I find the 5:2 diet too difficult to fit into my lifestyle these days. I find myself really lacking in energy on fasting days and get really 'hangry'.

"I developed The Metabolic Fat-loss Plan as the perfect diet for me and will be following it along with everyone else and reporting on my progress," shared the mother of three.

Jacqueline, author of the bestselling 5:2 Diet Recipe Book, has said people going on the weight-loss journey only need to follow her new Metabolic Fat-loss Plan for 28 days to start seeing results.

The plan works in four easy steps:


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This is the first phase of the programme and lasts from Days One to Four. Aiming at cutting down toxic food and allowing the body to prepare for the heavy fat-burning phase to come ahead, this phase is all about reducing overall food consumption to help the body recover from excesses.

The balance to be achieved is Carbs: 50 / Protein: 30 / Fats: 20.

The positives effects of the step are: noticeable weight loss in just four days, better sleep due to no intake of alcohol, caffeine or heavy food, and looking much healthier, with uplifted mood.


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This is the most important phase of the programme, and occurs thrice through its course, but never in succession

  • Phase 2: Days 5-8
  • Phase 4: Days 13-16
  • Phase 6: Days 21-24

The idea of balance for this phase is Carbs: 20 / Protein: 40 / Fats: 40

The phase is a challenge especially for people with a sweet tooth as basically anything sweet contains more carbs than allowed.

While vegetables with a little carbs are not restricted, the intake of fruits with meals — especially any time later in the day — has to be avoided. A portion of fruits during breakfast is however encouraged.


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This occurs twice in the program:

  • Phase 3 (Days 9-12)
  • Phase 5 (Days 17-20)

The balance being hoped for is Carbs: 40 / Protein: 40 / Fats: 20.

A bonus to people with sweet tooth cravings, this one advocates fruits in moderation — up to three portions a day — preferably with meals or as a mini snack in the afternoon.

And there's chocolate! The dark kind, of course, and a maximum of six squares. After-meals is considered the best option.

According to this plan, there are certain good carbs too, like rice, oats, potatoes, butternut squash, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, beans, nuts of all types, dark chocolate.



The last phase in the programme, balanced eating is like a stepping stone to the world of healthy eating.

A transition phase from a strict regime to normal, moderated healthy eating, this includes three meals a day, no snacks, no alcohol. But any of the previous phases' recipes, tips, cheats and quick meals are also open.

For example, a meal from the Protein and Healthy Fats phase can be followed by fruit or chocolate.

The overall rules of the programme one has to stick to is: good carbs, three balanced meals a day, no alcohol and voila!