Malaika Arora has been trolled again. So much so, that the actress has even switched off the comments section. It started when Malaika shared a dance video of hers. While one section lauded the actress' phenomenal moves, another was not too impressed. One section of netizens felt that the dance was "vulgar" and didn't suit her "age".

Malaika Arora
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Malaika's post

Malaika had shared a dance video with her yoga partner Sarvesh Shashi. Malaika's moves took over the internet. "Let's loosen up a little bit today. I believe ALL of us are yogis by breath & definitely should be dancers by heart. #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek is fun not just because it is dance but also because you get to make your own moves. Choose your song, Send in your moves by tagging me and @sarvayogastudios," she wrote while sharing the video.

The comments

Comments like "flawless", "phenomenal", "superb", "killer moves" bombarded her dance video. But, soon, negative comments also started dropping. People body shamed and age shamed Malaika. Many called her "oldie" who was "trying to woo" with her dance moves. People left comments like "vulgar" and "doesn't suit your age". Malaika later turned off the comments section.

Malaika Arora recently revealed that she and son Arhaan have talked about the possibility of adopting a baby girl. "I come from a family full of girls and now, we all have boys, largely. So, I do miss having a girl child. I love my son Arhaan to the moon and back, but I wish I also had a daughter. That's a running sentiment in my heart. I have a girl sibling, and we're so typical in the sense that we'll share everything and watch each other's backs. The way Florina danced, it just made me so emotional that day; I wished I had a daughter whom I could dress up and do all those silly things with," she told on ETimes.